Saturday, May 4, 2013


Five things I'm currently in love with:

1. Fresh Flowers - I will be the first to admit that I used to hate flowers.  I never comprehended the purport of them serving as particular gifts for women.  Any time I received them I'd loathe the thought of finding a place for them to sit until they withered and died.  That all changed upon getting my own apartment.  Now the house feels absolutely empty without a fresh set to lighten the mood in every room.  Me and the roomie made a conscious effort to buy new flowers for the house weekly this year.  They are the perfect accessory to any and every room!  

2.  Personalized Calendar - This one is extra special to me because it is an entire calendar dedicated to my little brother.  Each month has a personalized photo of us two together and an endearing quote as a caption.  Waking up every morning and seeing this on my vanity always starts my day off right.  (Personalized through

3.  A Good Book - I'm constantly looking for new reads to entertain my already-busy mind.  These are my current reads.  Most of them are graphic novels, due to the fact that I am taking a graphic novel class at school - ALL highly recommended pieces of literature.  

4.  Scented Candles - Candles are as essential to any room as are a fresh set of flowers.  Serving as light & air fresheners, they really are the perfect duo performing accent.  Current favorite scent: Crimson Berry.

5.  Trench Coat - My absolute favorite jacket for many reasons.  1- It can be utilized in almost every season of the year. 2 - Trenches are timeless.  They will never grow old.  I've had this one for 3+ years! 4 - They're fashion friendly for everyone!  There really isn't any body type that doesn't look good in a trench coat. and 5) This trench in particular was only $12 from Old Navy :)

What are you currently in love with? 

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