Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tattered Tuesday

August is here and summer is in full swing! This is my favorite time of year, not only is it because its my (Winnie) birthday month but also because the temperature is just right for all those summer outfits for every and any occasion. Minnesotans know how to cherish this weather as we know well enough the snow is not far away. So its no time like now to snag all those great deals on those summer essentials, especially since stores are starting to mark their summer items down, readying for the fall merchandise!

I went on a shoe binge last week and i swear I wasn't even looking for shoes, it's like they found me. How can i resist it if they are clearance price??? And a few posts back Amy shared with you guys her accessory finds, so im going to share mine from when we were shopping together.

These screamed "Birthday" and That's why i got them.

TJMaxx $19.xx

GAP (save your feet!) City flats in: mustard, army green $3.xx ea. and gold $1.xx

Target wedges $12.xx

Target wedges $12.xx

Target wedges (personal fav.) $12.xx

Nordstrom's Rack: Steve Madden boots $20.xx (org. $170!)

Charming Charlie's Necklace w/ Turquoise pendant  $6

CC Gold necklace w/ matching earrings $7

CC Bangle sets $1 ea.

CC heart and wings ring $1

CC feather hair clip (came with 2) $5

The other one is in my hair :)

Thrifted necklace $8

Detachable and interchangeable stone

Friday, July 29, 2011

Snag or Skip

Not so long ago there was this little sale called the Victoria Secret semi-annual sale going on. Of course us girls were jumping for joy for sales on bras and panties and who cares if you have 5 drawers of them, you could never have enough bras and panties!!!

Well i have enough, so much so i could probably go years without repeating wears (and a thing called a washing machine). This time around i succumbed to the amazing sale cosmetics! I don't know if its just me but i hadn't ever really noticed the cosmetic selection at Vickie's, besides the hundreds of different scents and lotions you buy and receive for birthdays/christmas/easter/St. Patrick's day and so on and so forth. 

When i went into the store i seemed to have zoned in on all the sale makeup and I must admit i went back for seconds! First round i snagged a few things here and there, some fail free eye shadows and lip glosses but when i rang up and realized how much i had saved, i took another spin around the store, this time- no  holds barred! 

So i wanted to share the results of my VS makeup haul with you all and also do a mini review on some of the cosmetics that may surprise you. I definitely have second thoughts on some of the VS make up products and i'm glad i purchased them to try when they were at such unbeatable sale prices. 

I live for deals and honestly some of the prices/quality you can't even find at (good ole, trusty, for ever favorable) Target! Watch the review at the end of the post if you'd like to hear wether some of these were snags or skips for me!

Here's what i left with! 

Eye Shadows/Liquid Liner $1 ea.

Swatches Top-Bottom: (Liquid Glitter liner) Gold Crush, (Shadows) Flashback, Glow Nude, Miami Ice

Shadow Quad in Secluded Lagoon $4.xx

Left-Right: (baked shadow) Green Goddess, (wet/dry shadow) Plum Crazy, (top sparkle liner) Cosmic cocoa, (bottom sparkle liner) Plum Struck $1 ea.

Beauty Rush Lipsticks $1 ea.

Top: Grape Fruity, Bottom: Clementini

Perfect Lipsticks $4.xx ea.

Top: Heart beat, Bottom: Instinct

Left-Right Blush: Afterglow, Bronzer: Goddess $4.xx ea.

Soft Focus Liquid foundation: Medium $4.xx 

Concealer: medium and light (not pictured)

Monday, July 25, 2011

MN Fashion Blogger Meet Up!

This past Saturday the ladies of the Tattertales attended the MN Fashion Blogger meet up in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota!  The bantam event was held at MN's very own Girly Muse's  beautiful vintage styled home (although 'estate' would probably be more conforming).  And though Humidity was in full carnage mode, we all made the best of a great evening with our new fashionable friends!  We wish we could have done a post on Lori (Girly Muse) amazing home decor skills alone, but we were aberrant attempting to document the evening all the mean while enjoying the delicious treats and conversing with a room full of talented women.  We hope the upcoming Minnesota bloggers will make this an annual event so we can continue to grow as a community and support all of our locals :)  

 Lori's beautiful walk in area.
 Lori created a loft style boutique out of an old barn on her property.  It was so cute!  We wanted to live there!
 Minnesota Bloggers in full networking mode :)

 With some beautiful ladies who were the absolute sweetest women!
 There were even hand made fans for everyone.  Very cute and came in handy!
 To show off how creative we all are, we utilized a screwdriver to open this bottle of wine :)

Table of sweets!  Before the loads filled it up even more.

More bloggers =)  All in such cute vintage wear!

We absolutely loved the decor of the barn.

Amy with home owner, Girly Muse.  She was the absolute sweetest! 

 The upstairs loft in the barn.  

 Spying on some bloggers.  Perhaps they were devising fashion plans to take over the world?  I wouldn't put it against them.
Yours truly!  

She had a bridge that led from her house to the barn!  Just when we thought her house couldnt' have gotten any more amazingggggg.

 We just wanted to pretend we were looking at things so we could take a picture on the bridge.

Lights everywhere!

Winnie with 15 year old fashionista Alex!  Watch out, MN, she is going to take the world by storm!

 Amy's turn! :)

The end!

We just wrapped up another shoot yesterday and have many upcoming projects in the work.  As always, stay tuned and thanks for chiming in :)