Friday, November 30, 2012

Cali Fever

Although my trip to LA isn't until the beginning of January, I've already caught Cali Fever.  Hence my recent t-shirt buy.  I spotted this $3 steal at Old Navy yesterday and had to have it; a true tourist buy :) I am really going to try and utilize my wardrobe attire and not buy too many things for this upcoming trip!  Did you laugh out loud as much as I just did? Yeah we both know that's actually not possible...
(All outfit details with links listed below!)  

[Another $3 steal!  All you 80's babies can voice your jealousy.]

It isn't an official post unless the baby brother makes a cameo.  Everyone have a great weekend!

Outfit Details: 
LA tee - Old Navy $3
Moto Jacket - Marshalls (similar here)
Faux leather pants - H&M
Wedged sneakers - Urban Outfitters (link here)
Flannel - Target (similar here)
Watch - Michael Kors
Infinity Scarf: H&M 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

OOTD: Sick Baby

'Tis the season of sickness!  Thanks to everyone who sneezed, coughed, and shared their bacteria with me these past few weeks, I'm officially sick -__-  I've been drugged up on zinc & chicken noodle soup the last few days so I apologize if we encounter and I seem discombobulated.  This morning I left the house accidentally with my towel still in my hair so I am obviously experiencing side effects to my vitamins.  Off duty, I've concluded my sickness suffices as a fair excuse to look like a homeless person (not that I don't normally).  It's a 'sweats & sneakers' kinda day....although I feel like I've been saying that since '88.  

I made a trip to Target today to grocery shop & pick up a few more toys for my 'Operation Christmas Child' box I'm filling. (more info here But of course it's Target so you walk in for 1 thing and leave with 9,029 things.   

H&M blazer (old), H&M tank ($7), TJ Maxx sweats ($12), Converse from TJ Maxx ($24), MKors Watch, F21 cross necklace  ($3)

Despite my dampened mood, I'm ecstatic the sun is shining in Minneapolis today :)

Curse Target's clearance section!  Picked up this super cute flannel original price $17.99, marked down to $5 & an ash grey (it looks white, but it's not) Sally Hansen polish originally $6.99 marked down to $1.  I'm loving muted nail colors for fall/winter. 

Of course what I went into Target for.... 

And last, but not least, toys toys toys! for my special baby girl I'm donating to for Operation Christmas Child.  What are you guys doing to get into the Holiday spirit? 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I admit I go through waves of creative facets and my readers seem to only benefit from my peaks.  Every month proves to be busier than the last and I'm slowly losing grip on my blogging habits.  I have so many adventures/photos/stories from the last couple of months though that I have been meaning to post.  Please extend to me your patience and you'll love what's to come.

In more relevant news, is anyone else heartbroken over the break up of Julena?!?! (Justin Beiber & Selena Gomez?)  My young heart was already shattered to pieces when my teenage idols Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears called it quits, why would Cupid choose to recarve the wounds?!  I have been in a depressed state the last few days.  I will enter back into the world after my last cry during JB's "One Less Lonely Girl"......*sigh.

Stolen from my instagram @5ivefeetsmall

1. All Black Everything.  Beanie (H&M $3, Forever 21  maxi skirt $5, PacSun tank $3)
2. B-day outfit! (Avengers cut-off: F21 $13, Neon Skirt: UO $10, Necklaces: H&M & TJ Maxx)
3. Birthday outting for a friend. (H&M pants $5, shirt $3).
4. Birthday dinner outfit #2 (Gap Blazer $20, F21 button up $13, Necklace: TJ Maxx, Pleather pants: H&M $15, Mary-jane pumps: F21 old)
5. Mustache case!!! (ebay link)
6. Thrive Night Out
7. Birthday Dinner #3 w/ my BFF's. (DIY Camo jacket: thrifted $4, Polo beanie: stolen from a guy friend)
8. High tops galore! (Black & Tan pair from UO, Purple Nikes, & Red Supras)
9. Dream Team tee! (Old Navy $5)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Marilyn Monroe back from the dead & her porcelain doll.

Hope everyone has a spooky night :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Baby Chic

Photos from a shoot I directed with Thrive Fashion House.  Check out all our latest projects & more from this project at! :) 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY: Small Wardrobe Makeover

I present to you the revamp of my closet!  I have officially deemed myself owner of the world's smallest closet.  Being that I am a borderline clothes hoarder, I needed to get innovative with my small space as my budget won't allow me to add a walk-in closet anytime in the near future.  So upon an off-day from work, my boredom struck me and thus began my wardrobe makeover!  I am very happy with the end result.  I can't seem to find my 'before' picture but it was basically my clothes hung up, shoes barricading my floor, and baskets piled upon baskets of clothes!  (And yes, that is the backstage lanyard from my fashion show.  I thought it was a cute curtain accessory & very much suitable for this post.)

Ta da! Okay not exactly Extreme Makeover: Closet edition, but it is an amazing step up from what it looked like before!

Deets: I bought a tension rod ($7, Target) & added two sheer white curtains ($5, Target) to add appeal to the closet & also to give me the option to hide it, if it ever becomes cluttered (Lord, help me not get to that!).  I added my faux sheep skin rug ($10, Ikea) as a baseline for the closet, as I have no use for it anywhere else.  I thought it added a great touch!  The stool ($7, Ikea) is NOT for me to reach my clothes contrary to your thoughts!  It's actually to reach the storage on top of my closet, which I will elaborate on in the next picture.
I added a 4 cube shelving unit ($20, Ikea) and filled it with my accessories & extra tee shirts.
I had no place for my necklace holder so I placed it on the ground and found it to act as a great curtain holder! I actually love the placement of it.  The shoes that I will be wearing most this fall, I kept out for easy access.  The rest went in storage :)

The savior to my clutter was definitely getting a hold of canvas storage bins! ($12, Target).  I threw all my extra hats, scarves, & gloves in them.  And yes, my closet is color coordinated.  Best thing you could ever do to your closet btw.

Goodbye summer heels!  Tucked away in storage you go :)  I also put away excess make-up I have in my travel case ($7, TJ Maxx).  

My cube ($20, Ikea) fits all my extra accessories & handbags perfectly!  Prior to this, they were all over my floor & squished behind doors.  My 3 drawer organizer ($12, Target) is suitable for undies, bras, & socks.  And peep the ipod dock on top for my morning dance offs ;) 

My go to shoes & hats remain in close proximity :) 

Jewelry on the floor = BEST IDEA EVER.

And in case you're wondering where all the rest of my shoes went...
Yes! My anorexic closet has mini shelves lined all throughout the back wall of it that hide my shoes PERFECTLY.  Great way to hide & organize them! 

Here are some things I learned while redoing my closet
1.  Storage boxes = small rooms best friend!  If you're working with limited space like I am, these are the simplest, but smartest investment you can make.
2. Don't be afraid to utilize your floor!  This is such a creative way to update your room.
3. Get RID of clothes you don't wear.  SELL, DONATE, & THROW AWAY.  It truly makes your closet so much more accessible & less cluttered.
4. Store things out of season.  Don't keep things out that aren't relevant to the season unless they're going to be utilized.
5. Color coordinate your clothes.  It makes pieces much easier to find and lessens your chances of creating a tornado in your room while looking for a particular item :)

Obviously not all of these things may be applicable to you, but I found they worked GREAT with me and my situation of having an extremely small space.  It made my room look so much bigger!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birthday Inspiration!

Birthday Inspiration!

I've officially sent out invites to my exclusive near-but-far-enough birthday getaway next month :)
Since I'm an October baby, I'm not too keen of splurging on a beautiful gown (okay maybe I am keen, but I know it's not logical for MN October weather) so I'm opting to find an outfit that's cute & comfortable for my rendezvous adventures.  I'll probably pair this outfit with my signature beanie look (which I forgot to add in the set).
Now all that's left to do is find affordable dupes & try not to change my mind on what I'm wearing 63 times before the celebration! 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wishful Thinking

Make Up Wish List

Along with every other female on the planet, I have a make up obsession.  The only issue is I don't have sufficient expendable income to match the obsession.  Therefore, I'm left polyvore-ing wish lists :(

1. Bobbi Brown BB Cream
2. Nars Highlighter in Albatross
3. Anastasia Brow Set
4. Benefit They're Real! Mascara
5. OBC Lip Tar
6. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


New to Instagram. Follow me! @5ivefeetsmall

MN State Fair

Happy Birthday to the bestie!!! :)

Everyone loves Sprinkles cupcakes! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Red lipstick, all on the paper

Never been the type to wear red lipstick.  I'm starting to play around with make up a lot more though and actually becoming more comfortable with colors outside of nude on my lips.  Currently wearing Maybelline's Roseberry (featured in my previous post).  I ordered this color off of allcosmeticswholesale about 6 mos ago and just wore it for the first time a couple weeks ago (story of all my make up).
Don't mind the distressed brows & lack of combed hair.  I only have enough time for one pampering a day!
P.S. The brown highlights were short lived.  Back to the dark side after a 2 week trial run.

Chi-town Adventures

Surprised one of my best friends in Chicago for her birthday!
Traveling is always somewhat of a barricade for all women, but this time I think I did pretty well! 
Documented my necessities for my traveling adventures. 

For the face: BareMinerals face primer, Revlon PhotoReady concealer, Mac studio pressed powder, Elf Eyebrow Kit applied with Sigma E65 brush (my fav!)
Face pt 2: Elf Blush in Pink Passion, Mac Supernova blush from Heavenly collection (love!) Sonia Kashuk bronzer, Sigma F40 brush.

For the eyes: Sigma Paris palette (LOVE the blushes included!), Naked2 Palette (ABSOLUTE FAV), Nyx Nude kit (great alternative to Naked palette when traveling), ELF liquid liner, Loreal voluminous mascara, falsies (ebay).
Must-haves: Face moisturizer, Dark-tone adhesive (highly recommended!), Revlon tweezers & eyelash curler
Fav lip products: Revlon Lip Butter in Cupcake, Revlon Nude Attitude, Maybelline Roseberry, Revlon Pink Pout

Gold Accessories: H&M necklace, F21 spiked bracelet, Gold ring (from some store in Boston), MK Watch
Asos heels, Ninewest sandals.
Marshalls Pink Blazer (saw a dupe on SincerelyJules & fell in love!), snake print jeans Macys, F21 tee
FAVORITE UniQlo sweater (I wear this every day & Fall will see the endless wear of this!) & faux leather F21 vest (love pairing this with everything).

Ribbed F21 tank, Material Girl faux leather shorts
Sleeveless skull tank Marshalls, H&M pleated faux leather skirt

(faux leather obsession much?)

The Windy City surely stays windy all year long.  Glad I brought warmer attire!
Chicago was a blast!  Photos to be posted soon :)