Sunday, April 28, 2013

My $tache

Even though my collection of wallets & clutches is vast and never-ending, I have come to the conclusion that carrying one around on a constant basis is just a nuisance (especially when I'm shopping).  Therefore, I decided to invest in a card holder and found this super cute one at Typo for only $4.95!  I've gotten so many laughs and compliments on it!  

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Minnesota bore witness to a miracle this weekend!  Not only have we reached over 40 degrees for the first time all year (yes, we're aware it's April), but we were spoiled with near 75 degree sunshine!  The excitement I procured from this happenstance was due to the fact that I recently picked up these vintage overalls (for a bank breaking total of $4! ;) and have been dying to wear them since!  I am also recently obsessed with this muscle tee self-entitled 'Lioness' (hence the blog post title).  I felt it summarized my mood in this outfit. Plus, my hair is similar to a mane in the sense that it is nappy, cray & probably home to insects in my sleep.  Irony in itself?!  
For those of you who don't know, I work at a clinic and saw one of my patients with this clear utensil bag one day which he used to carry things for work.  I instantly fell in love and asked him where I could find one.  He surprised me the next day with my very own! (FYI: He bought them from a supply store for only $2!)  So sweet!  Love using it as a clutch and have everyone stare at my belongings, which usually consist of a comb & jolly ranchers.  

P.S. I accept that not everyone understands why wearing boy clothing with heels has become habitual for me, but I don't care - I do what I want! #foreveralone 
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend soaking up the sun!  XO.

Overalls: Vintage Gap | Sunnies: Pac Sun (old) | Shoes: Zara | Shirt: F21
Accessories: F21 (necklace/rings), M.Kors (watch) Clutch: Gifted