Friday, September 28, 2012

Baby Chic

Photos from a shoot I directed with Thrive Fashion House.  Check out all our latest projects & more from this project at! :) 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY: Small Wardrobe Makeover

I present to you the revamp of my closet!  I have officially deemed myself owner of the world's smallest closet.  Being that I am a borderline clothes hoarder, I needed to get innovative with my small space as my budget won't allow me to add a walk-in closet anytime in the near future.  So upon an off-day from work, my boredom struck me and thus began my wardrobe makeover!  I am very happy with the end result.  I can't seem to find my 'before' picture but it was basically my clothes hung up, shoes barricading my floor, and baskets piled upon baskets of clothes!  (And yes, that is the backstage lanyard from my fashion show.  I thought it was a cute curtain accessory & very much suitable for this post.)

Ta da! Okay not exactly Extreme Makeover: Closet edition, but it is an amazing step up from what it looked like before!

Deets: I bought a tension rod ($7, Target) & added two sheer white curtains ($5, Target) to add appeal to the closet & also to give me the option to hide it, if it ever becomes cluttered (Lord, help me not get to that!).  I added my faux sheep skin rug ($10, Ikea) as a baseline for the closet, as I have no use for it anywhere else.  I thought it added a great touch!  The stool ($7, Ikea) is NOT for me to reach my clothes contrary to your thoughts!  It's actually to reach the storage on top of my closet, which I will elaborate on in the next picture.
I added a 4 cube shelving unit ($20, Ikea) and filled it with my accessories & extra tee shirts.
I had no place for my necklace holder so I placed it on the ground and found it to act as a great curtain holder! I actually love the placement of it.  The shoes that I will be wearing most this fall, I kept out for easy access.  The rest went in storage :)

The savior to my clutter was definitely getting a hold of canvas storage bins! ($12, Target).  I threw all my extra hats, scarves, & gloves in them.  And yes, my closet is color coordinated.  Best thing you could ever do to your closet btw.

Goodbye summer heels!  Tucked away in storage you go :)  I also put away excess make-up I have in my travel case ($7, TJ Maxx).  

My cube ($20, Ikea) fits all my extra accessories & handbags perfectly!  Prior to this, they were all over my floor & squished behind doors.  My 3 drawer organizer ($12, Target) is suitable for undies, bras, & socks.  And peep the ipod dock on top for my morning dance offs ;) 

My go to shoes & hats remain in close proximity :) 

Jewelry on the floor = BEST IDEA EVER.

And in case you're wondering where all the rest of my shoes went...
Yes! My anorexic closet has mini shelves lined all throughout the back wall of it that hide my shoes PERFECTLY.  Great way to hide & organize them! 

Here are some things I learned while redoing my closet
1.  Storage boxes = small rooms best friend!  If you're working with limited space like I am, these are the simplest, but smartest investment you can make.
2. Don't be afraid to utilize your floor!  This is such a creative way to update your room.
3. Get RID of clothes you don't wear.  SELL, DONATE, & THROW AWAY.  It truly makes your closet so much more accessible & less cluttered.
4. Store things out of season.  Don't keep things out that aren't relevant to the season unless they're going to be utilized.
5. Color coordinate your clothes.  It makes pieces much easier to find and lessens your chances of creating a tornado in your room while looking for a particular item :)

Obviously not all of these things may be applicable to you, but I found they worked GREAT with me and my situation of having an extremely small space.  It made my room look so much bigger!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birthday Inspiration!

Birthday Inspiration!

I've officially sent out invites to my exclusive near-but-far-enough birthday getaway next month :)
Since I'm an October baby, I'm not too keen of splurging on a beautiful gown (okay maybe I am keen, but I know it's not logical for MN October weather) so I'm opting to find an outfit that's cute & comfortable for my rendezvous adventures.  I'll probably pair this outfit with my signature beanie look (which I forgot to add in the set).
Now all that's left to do is find affordable dupes & try not to change my mind on what I'm wearing 63 times before the celebration!