Monday, January 30, 2012

Real Housewives: Minneapolis Rendition

This entry is dedicated wholly and utterly to my housewife aka roomie Mina :)  What started out as a joke seemingly fit and has now stuck as a title and another role she fulfills in her life.  She does it all fellas! She cooks, cleans, schools, works, & even gets her daily GTL on (hence why I call her my housewife).  On top of that she's beautiful and SINGLE!  By no means am I trying to sell her by the way, but I WILL mention that Valentine's Day is coming up and applications are being accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis ;)

Furthermore, I decided one Saturday morning to play dress up with her and thus unfolded our mini photo-shoot.  Though we were limited to the confines of our apartment, we had a great time being as versatile with scenery as we could.  I incorporated different looks into her wardrobe to interpret the different roles she executes in real life.  I can't forget to mention that I had my fashion team, gurus Moni & Winnie helping out.  Seems to be a consistent occurence of complete and utter foolery and lunacy when we're together - in a humorous nature of course.  But having a group of amazing friends is the best fashion accessory you can have :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos!  I had a blast styling Miss Mina & can't wait to play dress up again!

Look #1 Casual Outfit

Mustard cardigan; Old Navy, Mens beanie; Polo, ACDC t-shirt; TJ Maxx, Jean shorts (MV), Patterned tights; Nordstrom, Wedges; UO

Look #2 Brunch Outfit

Nordstrom watch, Old Navy belt, Gap sweater & scarf, clutch (MA)

Look #3 School Girl

Pink sleeveless collared shirt; Trouve Nordstrom, Kimchi printed sweater; UO (MA), Gap jeans, F21 accessories.   

Look #4 Workaholic 

Blazer; Express, Skirt & Accessories; H&M, Black button  up; Gap. Coat; F21

Look #5 GNO

Long sleeved velvet dress; H&M, F21 accessories

Look #6 Date Night! 

Leopard dress & blazer; H&M, Accessories; Thrifted

Look #7 Housewife

Black turtleneck; H&M, Brown moto-vest; F21, red courdoroy pants; Gap, Black heels; F21, Express scarf (used as headband)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year!

This post is written in both excitement for 2012’s exciting kick off thus far, and also in shame :( for being MIA for the past few months.  There have been so many things I wish I could have documented within our extended hiatus period, but I elaborate not to dwell on my renowned demur but moreso in hopes that it will all change now that I've found a kick of inspiration.  With my birthday, house warming, Christmas, and New Years all being within such a short time frame I thought I would showcase some of the gifts I received along with some deal buys I picked up this week.   This post would have taken about 90 minutes to load if I were to actually upload all the photos I had intended on including, but let’s just say this is post #1 of many to come in the near future :)  Hope you all had an amazing holiday and are enjoying your new year!  

P.S.  If you’re in the Twin City area, save the date of April 27th ‘cause you won’t want to miss our very own  WYP along with our dedicated and extremely talented Moni Alexander (goodiesbymoni) being one of the featured designers in justSTYL’s rooftop fashion show at Solera in downtown Minneapolis.  We’ll be posting all the hype post-show, but our sources tell us you’ll wanna see the beauts themselves up close ;)

P.P.S. Excuse the poor lighting and lack of scenery as I was confined to the small space of my boyfriend's bedroom this late evening.  


Love this tangerine color on every thing and every one right now!  TJ Maxx: $12.xx

Black & Printed tie-up blouses (perfect in time for spring), TJ Maxx $3 each! 

Adorable patent & lace clutch, GIFTED from Moni & Winnie :)  H&M

Christmas gifts from Winnie, Rachel Rachael Roy sleeveless cotton vest & pleated F21 skirt. LOVE!

Gifted cowl scarf & gloves set (F21) from GoodiesByMoniAlexander

I especially love my new Aveda products from the BF's sister.  The Wet Brush feels amazing on the scalp! 

Accessories, all F21.

I am obsessed with Victorian print on anything and everything so I had to get these from Target.   I plan to use them to throw my accessories in.  They were only $1! :)

Loved this plain pleated dress. A great  'go to' dresss. TJ Maxx, $10

Mustard Cardigan $15, Green knitted sweater $7 (Old Navy); Tangerine sweater, F21 $12 

Loved these new shot glasses I got.  Gifted from GoodiesByMoniAlexander

Picked these high waisted trousers up & I'm obsessed. So comfortable.  Plan to wear these every day.
Bar III, $20

And let's not forget my favorite gift of all: my brand new Canon ELPH 200 HS which has enabled me to finally start blogging again.  Thanks, boyfriend :D