Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tattered Tuesday

August is here and summer is in full swing! This is my favorite time of year, not only is it because its my (Winnie) birthday month but also because the temperature is just right for all those summer outfits for every and any occasion. Minnesotans know how to cherish this weather as we know well enough the snow is not far away. So its no time like now to snag all those great deals on those summer essentials, especially since stores are starting to mark their summer items down, readying for the fall merchandise!

I went on a shoe binge last week and i swear I wasn't even looking for shoes, it's like they found me. How can i resist it if they are clearance price??? And a few posts back Amy shared with you guys her accessory finds, so im going to share mine from when we were shopping together.

These screamed "Birthday" and That's why i got them.

TJMaxx $19.xx

GAP (save your feet!) City flats in: mustard, army green $3.xx ea. and gold $1.xx

Target wedges $12.xx

Target wedges $12.xx

Target wedges (personal fav.) $12.xx

Nordstrom's Rack: Steve Madden boots $20.xx (org. $170!)

Charming Charlie's Necklace w/ Turquoise pendant  $6

CC Gold necklace w/ matching earrings $7

CC Bangle sets $1 ea.

CC heart and wings ring $1

CC feather hair clip (came with 2) $5

The other one is in my hair :)

Thrifted necklace $8

Detachable and interchangeable stone