Monday, February 27, 2012


The dilatoriness from the weekend carried over into my Monday leaving my post today to be quite bland.  I was playing around with some colors in my closet and after taking these pictures, I noticed a common denominator of 'color blocking' that seemed to take place in my photos.  I didn't get too versatile or creative with my outfits or accessories.  I moreso put together some last minute simple outfits with potential for my NYC trip.  With a month to go, and many more shopping trips to make - who knows if any of these will make the cut #shoppinggirlproblems.

Outfit #1: Purple & Orange 
Loving this color combination right now.  

F21 Sweater $12, Thrifted purple blouse $4, gifted M. Kors watch, F21 necklace, Seven For All Mankind Jeans, Old Navy wedges $16

Outfit #2 Red & Pink
Thrifted fuscia blouse ($7) & maxi skirt ($3)
Feeling a bit 'Emma Stone' right now :D

Outfit #3 Coral & Turquoise
Urban Outfitters Blazer $15, Nude Pumps (Burlington Coat Factory) $19, Coral sleeveless dress $19, Belt F21

Thanks for reading! 

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I spent my Saturday watching my part time son (baby brother) & supporting the amazing local designers in the Twin Cities at the Parc Boutique's Trunk Show here in Minneapolis with my fashion guru Winnie.  I won't go into deets about how amazeballs all these jewelry designers are, because the photos will speak for themselves (and these photos don't even give them 100% justice!).  If you have any questions on how you can get a hand on any of these pieces, feel free to contact me!

Tomorrow I have a small project planned which will include teaming up with a freelance photographer & good friend of mine, Lee Vang.  Stay tuned for updates on that :) 


 Baby taking pics of his socks haha.  Adorbs. 

Debut of the cutest button on the planet, Aiden Gray :) <3

What I Wore:
My go to pleggings (Marshalls), UO wedges, leopard print tee & skeleton skarf (, H&M boyf blazer, MKors watch, F21 accessories, Pac Sun sunnies, Steve Madden bag

Me & Parc owner Thao.  Cutest expecting mother ever!  Obsessed with her statement blazer.

This necklace is cute as a button!  Literally <3 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Gold Rush!

God has spoken to me lately in tones of Gold.  I have gone a little bit crazy with my pre-NYC shopping.  I admit I sometimes have too much time on my hands so I need to fill those hands with bags of beautiful clothing!  Wait, I don't think that's where I meant to go with that metaphor.  Anyway, here are some awesome finds I picked up recently.  I've been trying to imbue in pieces that are more conventional for my closet so to prove myself successful in this effort, I've shown three different outfits I plan on wearing with these pieces.  A-ha!  I CAN be so ingenius sometimes :D 

Again, a chunk of change is being set aside for the future purchase of a leprechaun sized photographer I can carry around with me at all times, but until then you will have to bear with me as I go all "Myspace Mirror Pic" on ya'll.  


I paired the outfit here with some grey wind pant trousers from NY&C (on sale for only $7) & some CR Snake Print Heeled sandals (Old).

Oh, and I like to constantly put my hands in my pocket in all my photos as if I'm in a J.Crew commercial or something.  It's my M.O. when taking self-pics.  Classy, right? No?

My signature bun I sport on the daily.
(Oh, and note that my house is clean? Shout out to myself for cleaning the whole house last night!)

Here I paired the gold button up with a pink maxi skirt from F21 ($13).  I also incorporated the gold double wrap belt from Old Navy.

  I am OBSESSED with sleeveless button ups right now.  They're great to layer underneath sweaters with out having the heavy layering effect & great to wear as solo pieces as well :) 

Feeling a little like Princess Kate right now.  Mind you! 

H&M Leather skirt $7, Nordstrom Rack lace tights $3, Urban Outfitter wedged booties $20

Obsessed with these booties STILL.  I got 'em for my birthday & wear 'em with everything.  Seen in my Housewife post too :) 

I like to pair everything with leather skirts and/or shorts.  And when I say everything, I mean EV-ER-Y-THING.  

Thanks for reading!  I have a huge haul coming up.  Stay tuned :) Xo.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Roomie Love, Baby Love, & Kevin Love

Belated Valentine's Day photos :)

I meant to post these a lot sooner following Valentine's Day but work has been consuming me.  Anyhow, I hope everyone had a beloved Valentine's Day!  Mine was extra special this year with amorous gifts from the roomie (aka housewife) & my boyfriend Tommy.  The boy & I had dinner at Muffaletta, which is the absolute CUTEST date place ever.  The service & food were superb!  We continued our celebrations the following day with a Timberwolves game.  Anyone who knows me, knows I'm in love with anything and everything that has to do with basketball.  Tommy is a season ticket holder along with his friends so I was actually his back up date because someone couldn't go, but  nonetheless - his date :)

I documented what I could of the weekend but I think I need to invest future income in a small minature, pocket size photographer that I can carry around with me to take beautiful pictures of me and my life.  Until then, my blury, out-of-focus, unskilled photos will have to do.

Gifts from the roomie! Xo.

The boyfriend's card :) Flowers were sent to my work place.

I merely wanted to take a nonchalant photo of him with the "Happy Valentine's Day" sign in the back, but he ruined it with the conspicuous puppy eyes here.

He adores me, I swear ;)  Go Wolves!