Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I admit I go through waves of creative facets and my readers seem to only benefit from my peaks.  Every month proves to be busier than the last and I'm slowly losing grip on my blogging habits.  I have so many adventures/photos/stories from the last couple of months though that I have been meaning to post.  Please extend to me your patience and you'll love what's to come.

In more relevant news, is anyone else heartbroken over the break up of Julena?!?! (Justin Beiber & Selena Gomez?)  My young heart was already shattered to pieces when my teenage idols Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears called it quits, why would Cupid choose to recarve the wounds?!  I have been in a depressed state the last few days.  I will enter back into the world after my last cry during JB's "One Less Lonely Girl"......*sigh.

Stolen from my instagram @5ivefeetsmall

1. All Black Everything.  Beanie (H&M $3, Forever 21  maxi skirt $5, PacSun tank $3)
2. B-day outfit! (Avengers cut-off: F21 $13, Neon Skirt: UO $10, Necklaces: H&M & TJ Maxx)
3. Birthday outting for a friend. (H&M pants $5, shirt $3).
4. Birthday dinner outfit #2 (Gap Blazer $20, F21 button up $13, Necklace: TJ Maxx, Pleather pants: H&M $15, Mary-jane pumps: F21 old)
5. Mustache case!!! (ebay link)
6. Thrive Night Out
7. Birthday Dinner #3 w/ my BFF's. (DIY Camo jacket: thrifted $4, Polo beanie: stolen from a guy friend)
8. High tops galore! (Black & Tan pair from UO, Purple Nikes, & Red Supras)
9. Dream Team tee! (Old Navy $5)


  1. I like the effortless look of #3, I always find it interesting how people can make baggy/sweat pants look chic.

    1. I adore incorporating sweats & baggy pants into my every day attire. My personal style is very urban/tom-boy inspired. It's so comfortable! I encourage you to try it yourself. Throw on a pair of heels & your look is complete :)

  2. I love that second outfit! Can never go wrong with a fitted printed tee...then again everything I wear tends to be fitted.

    1. I second your opinion about never going wrong with a printed tee :) Thanks for reading, hun! Xo.

  3. I love your clothes and how you put it together. You get amazing deals also!xo