Sunday, November 18, 2012

OOTD: Sick Baby

'Tis the season of sickness!  Thanks to everyone who sneezed, coughed, and shared their bacteria with me these past few weeks, I'm officially sick -__-  I've been drugged up on zinc & chicken noodle soup the last few days so I apologize if we encounter and I seem discombobulated.  This morning I left the house accidentally with my towel still in my hair so I am obviously experiencing side effects to my vitamins.  Off duty, I've concluded my sickness suffices as a fair excuse to look like a homeless person (not that I don't normally).  It's a 'sweats & sneakers' kinda day....although I feel like I've been saying that since '88.  

I made a trip to Target today to grocery shop & pick up a few more toys for my 'Operation Christmas Child' box I'm filling. (more info here But of course it's Target so you walk in for 1 thing and leave with 9,029 things.   

H&M blazer (old), H&M tank ($7), TJ Maxx sweats ($12), Converse from TJ Maxx ($24), MKors Watch, F21 cross necklace  ($3)

Despite my dampened mood, I'm ecstatic the sun is shining in Minneapolis today :)

Curse Target's clearance section!  Picked up this super cute flannel original price $17.99, marked down to $5 & an ash grey (it looks white, but it's not) Sally Hansen polish originally $6.99 marked down to $1.  I'm loving muted nail colors for fall/winter. 

Of course what I went into Target for.... 

And last, but not least, toys toys toys! for my special baby girl I'm donating to for Operation Christmas Child.  What are you guys doing to get into the Holiday spirit? 

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  1. greattttttttttt style (photo#1) i love it!