Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MN Fashion Week!

This week MN Fashion week is in full swing and the Tattertales are ecstatic to announce we have been asked to support the cause by assisting in styling/back stage coordination at the U of M Philippine Student Association (PSA) 17th annual fashion show!  We met with the fashion show coordinator of this year's show Trina Sibal, to assist in picking out outfits for next Saturday's event.  She let us in the know about the cotillion themed "Head Held High" extravaganza.  "This year, I wanted to be in charge of it because I felt like something this prominent to the Philippine Student Association needed a coordinator with great organization skills and I felt like I had that.  I want to take the unnecessary stress away that gets attracted to these fashion shows and replace it with fun and entertainment", she tells us.  And that is exactly what you all can expect ladies and gentlemen!
After 6 long hours of meeting with vendors that ranged from all styles of clothing from American Apparel to Cache - we exhaled the exhaustion from the long, but successful planning day.  Though we noted there is still dress rehearsal and the actual show itself to come!  The show will take place on Saturday, April 16th at the University of Minnesota in the Coffman Great Hall.  That's your official invite, Minnesotans so come one - come all! 

'Save the date' as the flyer states!  Come support the ladies of the Tattertales along with the PSA members who are putting in work for this show! Expect an enterprise composed of cultural essence mixed with catwalk entertainment.  As always, the PSA fashion show team will not disappoint! 

Visit the official PSA website for more details: http://psaminnesota.weebly.com/
And the official MN fashion week website: http://mnfashionweek.com/

Trina Sibal, Fashion Show coordinator, and Amy of TT stopping for coffee as they discuss this year's show

 Trina giggling at her phone

This is second nature to Winnie

Accessories! Our fav.

50+ shoes for the show - no big deal ;)


  1. Oh my gosh! I am currently in Portland, but I am from Minneapolis! If I was home still I would totally go!! It looks and sounds like so much fun! I will tell my mom about it ^-^ Good luck!!!


  2. Aww its really an amazing production psa puts on every year so dont worry theres always next time! And thank you! we'll do a follow up post ;)

  3. Is there a charge to get in & will they allow freelance photographers there?

  4. There is a $5 cover charge for the show and proceeds will go towards relief in Japan so this will be for a good cause and also freelance photogs are welcome but it is a seated show so we just that the audience remains in their seats while the show proceeds.