Monday, March 28, 2011

Color Me In

If you're like us, you're craving the warm weather so you can satisfy your long appetite of  once again baring spring attire.  This season the girls of the Tatter Tales love the pops of colors that seem to be heralding into the mainstream of every fashion line.  Fresh, bright colors really are the best way to start working the spring tide into your wardrobe.  We, of all people, know how easy it is to stick to your classic black and neutrals but do yourself a favor and step outside your color comfort zone!  Color blocking of bright purples, corals, reds, teals, and blues are all the rave this season.  Here's a tip: choose pieces that are cohesive and wearable with lots of options for dressing up or down.  Being colorful this Spring is an easy way to look extremely chic and fashion forward.

Coral is a personal favorite color choice of the Tatter Tales.  We've both gone a little "coral crazy" in our recent buys.  Here's a few outfits we put together to show how we plan on tying them into our outfits this season.

White knit tank & coral cargo pants - H&M, Accessories - F21, Hat - Urban

H&M Tank, Blazer, Skirt, Belt & Accessories

Striped tunic - Norstrom, Coral skirt - H&M, Accessories - F21

The brighter your outfits, the better - it seems to be.  Here's a few ways we plan on displaying bright colors this season.

Teal cardigan - Marshalls, Purple dress (used as top) - PacSun, Pink skirt - H&M, Accessories-Thrifted, Straw Clutch - For Love

Mustard cardigan - F21, Pink Ruffle dress (used as top) & Royal Blue Skirt - Urban Outfitters, Accessories - Thrifted

Red Blazer - H&M, Tank - J.Crew, Teal Skirt & Accessories - F21, Clog booties - Charlotte Russe

Pink in all shades is making its way back into the commonplace of attraction for all fashion junkies.

We each decided to personally interpret one outfit of our choice showing how we're going to sample pink this season.

Blue button up - H&M, Pink sequins crop blazer & tulle skirt & accessories - F21

Pink ruffle dress (worn as top) - Urban Outfitters, High waist trousers - thrifted, Accessories - F21

We had a lot of fun putting together today's post.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!  Good luck experimenting with all the spring colored trends!  


  1. Ames, Winnie (sp?),
    i LOVE this week's post!! love all the colors - plus u KNOW coral and turquoise are my fav colors! keep up the great work gals!

  2. wow! I love the way you make these bold colours work :) I've always had problems with bold colours on me!

  3. what a brilliant post! LOVE all the styles here..

    so happy I found your blog, I'm now following :)


  4. Thanks guys! Colors are gonna be so big for spring! I think mixing and matching is key. We appreciate the follow :)

  5. Thank you Rosie! your blog is so cute!

  6. Where can i get the pinkish blouse. on the way left with the orange skirt?

  7. Anonymous - That blouse is from Forever 21. It was a bargain buy at only $13 full price! You can also check H&M, they have similar ones. Pink blouses are huge this season so it shouldn't be hard to find one for a good deal. Hope that helps! :)

  8. Awww, i really like it! but i can't find it. hopefully i'll find it at H&M. thanks! :)