Friday, April 15, 2011

Tattered Tips

We are extremely excited and flattered to announce we got our first e-mail from a reader seeking out fashion advice! We thought this to be a great opportunity to connect with our audience personally by turning the request and response into a post! We originally wanted to retort in the form of a vlog, but it's been an extremely busy and tough week for us to meet up as we are separately preparing for tomorrow's big day (which should be on all your calenders! The 17th annual PSA Fashion Show!) We still wanted to reach out to our readers though with a quick response. Here's the e-mail we received:

Hi, I just tumbled onto your blog!
I really like the style you guys are presenting!
I had a quick question.
Do you know what's the best kind of style a person with short torso and long legs should wear?
I can't pull off the tucked in shirt with pants.
any suggestions?



First and foremost - thanks for trusting us! Like I stated earlier, we are humbly flattered. Here are some tips we thought of for you! Most of them are pretty basic, but we figured we didn't want to go into too much detail with advice as we left room open for you to be creative and improvise. Afterall, fashion is 10% what you buy and 89% what you make of it (and 1% of what Oliva Palermo is wearing at all times)!

Tips for short torso/long legs
- Use longer shirts and lower waistlines to give the impression of a longer torso.  Low rise jeans were made for you!
- Wide belts will make your waist look shorter.  If you want to do a belt, do it around your hips instead of your waist.  And make sure they are narrow belts.
- Avoid wearing high waist pants.  They'll just make your legs look longer and your torso shorter.
- An empire waist with a flowy fabric is great for you because it'll skim over your natural waist.
- Vertical striped shirts make torsos look longer.
- Accessorize, it draws attention away from your proportions. Longer necklaces stretch out your torso.
- A V-Neck that draws the eye in a vertical line will elongate the torso.  Be careful with short sleeves, as they can add bulk to your shoulders and visually shorten your body by drawing the eye up and out.

We hounded Forever 21's website to find things that we felt would look great on your body type. These, of course, are just examples but we wanted to use a reference that was affordable yet still fashionable. And by no means are we implying that you can't afford to shop at Neiman's or anything, we're just incorporating a store that is essential to our bargain buys!

Here are some silhouettes and styles to give you an idea of how you can dress your body shape:

short torso 3

short torso dresses

Long Necklaces and accessories will help elongate you
long necklaces

We hope this helps, Michelle :)  We dream about the days we have the problem of having long legs....If all fails - wear a bikini everyday because those were also made for your body type (and it's almost summer anyway so most people won't judge you)! 

Thank you again for the continous follow and support you all have given us.  We are constantly estatic to service a community of avid readers.  Stay tuned for the big post coming up following the show!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

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