Friday, March 25, 2011


Deals Of The Week!
First and foremost we'd like to address our short hiatus.  Though it's only been a little over a week we've been itching to post for our small, but prominent, coterie of avid readers.  Due to a lack of time and an overwhelment of ideas we've instead put together many great unfinished posts for the near future.  We apologize for our 'perfectionist' mannerisms which handicapped us from presenting you guys with any new material.  You have our word - it won't happen again! 

With that said, we thank you again for coming back.  This week we did what we do best - shopped until we dropped.  We found some great deals at the mall so this post is all about sharing those great finds with you!  Chime back in later this week for more posts that we're currently working on :)

Ladies you need to get yourself a pair of clog booties this season!  If you were lucky like us you got these Clog Booties from Charlotte Russe when they were only $10!
Clog sling backs, Charolette Russe $10
Both the girls of TT picked up both sets of clogs.  Such a great find!

Long Fur Vest, Forever 21 $10 / H&M Black Bow Belt, $5

 Fringe Cross-body, H&M $17.95

 Flare bottom Jumper, H&M $19.95

We kept this week's post short & sweet, but only because we're hard at work with the upcoming ones.  As always we ask that you come back for promising entertainment

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