Tuesday, June 11, 2013

10 under 10

It's really no secret that the majority of my wardrobe can be considered budget friendly fashion finds.  Today I thought I'd share some of my more recent bargains with you guys.  This post was probably one of my harder ones as almost everything I buy falls in the "Under $10" category.  Expect more of these to come!
 5 Panel Hat; Urban Outfitters: $5
Not everyone understands my preference of hats, including myself.  If I see something unique or crazy, I basically have to have it.  I call this recent find my 'Animal Kingdom' hat.  It has been on repeat.  LOVE.
 Clutch; Urban Outfitters: $5
Probably one of my FAVORITE finds as it is acutely reminiscent of traditional Hmong patterned stitching.  I adore the bright colors on this clutch and carry it with me every where I go.  Everyone seems to love it just as much as I do!  

 Pink Drop-Waist Dress, Urban Outfitters: $5 
Perfect piece for this summer! Although if you live in Minnesota like I do, you might be putting this on hold for just a bit longer (or forever).
 Brown Booties; Forever 21: $8
These are the superlative pair of boots to go with any pair of jeans.  The height is just short enough to make walking comfortable and tall enough to give your legs that extra 'wow' factor.  They are also running-man friendly so consider that the icing on the cake. 

 Knit Cardigan; Mango: $7
Everyone needs a grandma cardigan in their life!  This one is great for throwing over a summer dress or t-shirt.  I got it from my momma who got it from her momma :D

 HELLO BROOKLYN tee; Urban Outfitters: $7
Word to Jay-Z for this one.  You can never have enough t-shirts.  Or in my case, you can and you do, but you are just in denial and won't accept it.
 Linen Shirt; Target: $7
Pair this with everything!  Shorts, pants, skirts, short pants, long pants, skirt pants, no pants, etc.  You get the idea.  LINEN SHIRTS RULE THE WORLD.
 Clear Clutch; Supplies Store: $2
Yes I carry clutches inside clutches.  When they are all this beautiful, the world needs to see each one.  I'm still in the process of finding some cute zipper accessories for this one, but it is absolutely one of the coolest and unique finds ever.
Leopard Print Trousers; Target: $8
I prefer the leopard trousers over the leopard print denim as these prevail to be much more comfortable.  Pair these with that linen shirt circa 2 photos ago and you are officially everyone's desire.
Gold Sequin Pencil Skirt; Cotton On: $5
I saw this gem and almost died.  It's as if the Fashion Gods knew that this skirt and I were star-crossed lovers destined to meet.  The last time I wore this, I paired it with a flannel (naturally) and baseball cap.  This versatile piece is a must-have!  

Xo, Amy


  1. that clutch tho. and the sequined skirt. and the dropwaist dress. just sayin.

  2. betta hide that stuff....lol :)

  3. Diggin' that skirt and feelin' inspired. Haven't done sequin work since Freshman year of college, think I might get to it this weekend.