Friday, March 9, 2012

Snap Backs & Sunny Weather

Maybe I'm just a freeze baby, but the fact that the sun is starting to shine over the heart of Minneapolis doesn't exactly excite me just yet.  35 degrees is still nothing to to be thrilled about.  With that said, I dressed for today's weather in suitable attire: sweats, slacks, & a mesh snap back.  Anyone who knows me knows I hate wearing jeans.  The wear is so restricted.  I'm glad slacks & sweats are making a fashion come back.  This is my time to shine!!!!

The U of M Men's sweater I'm wearing is complimentary of the BFF Amin. I threw on some heels to keep some of my effeminacy alive, even though I swear in my past life I was a man by the clothes & lifestyle I prefer to manifest on the daily.

I was clever enough to con the helpless little sister who's home from college into taking photos of myself.  I have to say I don't know what I prefer more - having someone take pictures of me or just taking the photos myself.  I am the most awkward picture taker EVER.  I hope you find humor in my attempts.  

Keep an eye open for the debut of the very special man in my life featured in this post :) 

Obey Snap Back (UO, $5), Trouve slacks (Nordstrom, $7), Steve Madden heels (Thrifted $6), U of M mens hoody (gifted from the BFF Amin), Cargo Vest (Old Navy $3), Red Flannel (Harve Leger, Marshalls $7) 

Arm Party

I have a pretty intense hat collection with an eclectic range of fedoras, snap backs, & beanies.  They're my favvvv <3.

Introducing Aiden Gray (and his BFF George)!  Isn't he the cutest 2 footer you've ever laid eyes on?  Sorry ladies, he's all mine :)  We were in the attempt of taking pictures of my ring when he decided to run into the picture.  I'd say he added some pizzazz to the photo, wouldn't you? :) 

Dont' mind the cheap & quick photoshopped "black out" I did to the back ground.  I had some uninvited guests in the photos LOL. 

Now it's off the Lakers game with the boyfriend.  Go Wolves!

Have a great weekend everyone!  And thanks for reading!


  1. love the look. Your watch is soooo beautiful

    1. Thank you! My boyfriend has good taste :)

  2. Great look! I'm loving the sweater and slouch of your pants.

    1. Thank you hun! Your blog is adorable <3

  3. BETCH! Uninvited guest???!!!! LMAO

  4. Agreed. Jeans are not my most favorite either. I also dislike shopping for them. Too long. Too short. Too tight in the thigh. Too tight on the hip. Urrgghhh.

  5. hi is that your son ? i have two boys i live in minnesota as well
    following check out my blog if you like
    found you on lookbook

  6. hi i live in the minneapolis area as well following !
    check out my blog if you like
    is that your son ? hes so cute i have two boys