Sunday, February 19, 2012

Roomie Love, Baby Love, & Kevin Love

Belated Valentine's Day photos :)

I meant to post these a lot sooner following Valentine's Day but work has been consuming me.  Anyhow, I hope everyone had a beloved Valentine's Day!  Mine was extra special this year with amorous gifts from the roomie (aka housewife) & my boyfriend Tommy.  The boy & I had dinner at Muffaletta, which is the absolute CUTEST date place ever.  The service & food were superb!  We continued our celebrations the following day with a Timberwolves game.  Anyone who knows me, knows I'm in love with anything and everything that has to do with basketball.  Tommy is a season ticket holder along with his friends so I was actually his back up date because someone couldn't go, but  nonetheless - his date :)

I documented what I could of the weekend but I think I need to invest future income in a small minature, pocket size photographer that I can carry around with me to take beautiful pictures of me and my life.  Until then, my blury, out-of-focus, unskilled photos will have to do.

Gifts from the roomie! Xo.

The boyfriend's card :) Flowers were sent to my work place.

I merely wanted to take a nonchalant photo of him with the "Happy Valentine's Day" sign in the back, but he ruined it with the conspicuous puppy eyes here.

He adores me, I swear ;)  Go Wolves!


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