Monday, March 28, 2011

Color Me In

If you're like us, you're craving the warm weather so you can satisfy your long appetite of  once again baring spring attire.  This season the girls of the Tatter Tales love the pops of colors that seem to be heralding into the mainstream of every fashion line.  Fresh, bright colors really are the best way to start working the spring tide into your wardrobe.  We, of all people, know how easy it is to stick to your classic black and neutrals but do yourself a favor and step outside your color comfort zone!  Color blocking of bright purples, corals, reds, teals, and blues are all the rave this season.  Here's a tip: choose pieces that are cohesive and wearable with lots of options for dressing up or down.  Being colorful this Spring is an easy way to look extremely chic and fashion forward.

Coral is a personal favorite color choice of the Tatter Tales.  We've both gone a little "coral crazy" in our recent buys.  Here's a few outfits we put together to show how we plan on tying them into our outfits this season.

White knit tank & coral cargo pants - H&M, Accessories - F21, Hat - Urban

H&M Tank, Blazer, Skirt, Belt & Accessories

Striped tunic - Norstrom, Coral skirt - H&M, Accessories - F21

The brighter your outfits, the better - it seems to be.  Here's a few ways we plan on displaying bright colors this season.

Teal cardigan - Marshalls, Purple dress (used as top) - PacSun, Pink skirt - H&M, Accessories-Thrifted, Straw Clutch - For Love

Mustard cardigan - F21, Pink Ruffle dress (used as top) & Royal Blue Skirt - Urban Outfitters, Accessories - Thrifted

Red Blazer - H&M, Tank - J.Crew, Teal Skirt & Accessories - F21, Clog booties - Charlotte Russe

Pink in all shades is making its way back into the commonplace of attraction for all fashion junkies.

We each decided to personally interpret one outfit of our choice showing how we're going to sample pink this season.

Blue button up - H&M, Pink sequins crop blazer & tulle skirt & accessories - F21

Pink ruffle dress (worn as top) - Urban Outfitters, High waist trousers - thrifted, Accessories - F21

We had a lot of fun putting together today's post.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!  Good luck experimenting with all the spring colored trends!  

Friday, March 25, 2011


Deals Of The Week!
First and foremost we'd like to address our short hiatus.  Though it's only been a little over a week we've been itching to post for our small, but prominent, coterie of avid readers.  Due to a lack of time and an overwhelment of ideas we've instead put together many great unfinished posts for the near future.  We apologize for our 'perfectionist' mannerisms which handicapped us from presenting you guys with any new material.  You have our word - it won't happen again! 

With that said, we thank you again for coming back.  This week we did what we do best - shopped until we dropped.  We found some great deals at the mall so this post is all about sharing those great finds with you!  Chime back in later this week for more posts that we're currently working on :)

Ladies you need to get yourself a pair of clog booties this season!  If you were lucky like us you got these Clog Booties from Charlotte Russe when they were only $10!
Clog sling backs, Charolette Russe $10
Both the girls of TT picked up both sets of clogs.  Such a great find!

Long Fur Vest, Forever 21 $10 / H&M Black Bow Belt, $5

 Fringe Cross-body, H&M $17.95

 Flare bottom Jumper, H&M $19.95

We kept this week's post short & sweet, but only because we're hard at work with the upcoming ones.  As always we ask that you come back for promising entertainment

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tattered Addictions

This week the Tatter Tales are excited to present our first photoshoot to our readers.  We asked Addicted To The Hype 's very own Chang Mee Vang to model pieces from our own wardrobe and she graciously accepted!  During the shoot we got down to the nitty gritty and asked the young entrepreneur about her website (which she co operates with sidekick Chris Lee) along with questions regarding her own personal style.  She gave us the inside scoop on what people can expect from her and ATTH in the near future.  For those of you who don't know, Addicted To The Hype is an online magazine that was created in 2009 by two Minnesotan serial bloggers stimulated by their passion for fashion, music, and other miscellaneous interests.  Needless to say, the shoot succeeded our expectations and we'd like to give special recognition to ATTH for working with us and look forward to doing it again!

Q: What inspired you and Chris to start this blog?
A: When we intially started the blog, it was just something we used to post songs we liked and pictures of good fashion finds 'cause that's something we have both always been really into.  As time went on, we decided to get more serious about it and that's how we came up with the concept of the website. It was inspired by one of our favorite websites - Hypebeast which is also an online magazine.  They don't have womens clothing though so we wanted to do something that featured that. 

Q: Where do you guys get inspiration for the content of your blog?
A: We honestly just post anything that we like.  We don't limit ourselves to just fashion.  We also do a lot of posts with music and other things that we enjoy. 

Q: What blogs do you follow?
A: The main blogs we follow are hypebeast, highsnobiety, and  They're all great online magazines that give us good inspiration for our blog.

Q: What projects are Addicted currently working on?
A: We're covering Minnesota Fashion Week in hopes to bring light to local designers and artists. We've also got a list of interviews with local designers NSOD and Check Your Six on our agenda. 

Q: How would you describe your own personal style?
A: If you saw me on a daily basis, you'd know that I'm a jeans and a tee kind of girl.  Comfy jeans are key to my everyday outfits. I am, however, currently obsessed with combat boots and knee high socks. 

Q: Where do you shop?
A: H&M and Urban Outfitters are the main stores I shop at.  I'd like to shop more at Thrift stores, but I haven't had any good opportunities to do so lately. 

Q: What do you wish to accomplish with your website?
A: We really just want to connect with locals.  We want to be the source for great music and fashion and market them as well.

Prepping for the shoot

Silence and Noise Teal Blazer, Forever 21 bodycon dress and H&M Feather necklace

Urban Outfitters Blue Moto Jacket,  H&M Harem print pants, H&M tie up shirt, Heartbreaker pumps

Old Navy Chain necklace, H&M Crop Top

Express paisley print dress, Motojacket - Marshalls
Material Girl Faux Fur Vest, Vintage Blouse, Marshalls Leather-like leggings, Lola Heels, Bohemian Necklace - Target

Lola Moto Vest, Mickey Mouse Retro sweater - Urban Outfitters, Black tights & jean shorts - CMV, Target Combat Boots

 Nordstrom Faux Fur Coat, H&M Vneck Jersey Dress

Thats a wrap!

Thanks to all of our readers for chiming in to read this week's post.  Again, we'd like to give a special and gratifying 'thank you' to the Addicted To The Hype team for showing the girls of Tatter Tales copious love and admiration.  Much eminence to the MN populace supporting their locals!  Stay tuned for our upcoming post that will be up later this week, which may or may not include a music video featuring ourselves.  You'll just have to check back and see :) 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Who, What, Wear

This weekend we asked all of you guys to come out and look your best and of course you didn't disappoint!  Here's some pictures from our adventures Saturday night!  There were too many to share, but here were some of the ones that highlighted the night - which was, by the way, one to remember!   

We loved these blush heels Judy wore, Target $30!

Elrica (El-bites) rocking a BCBG Motocross jacket with statement necklace
We like to show off all our beautiful friends :) 
We loved Mina's crazy curls and her fur coat, Forever 21 $10!
Winnie & Mina (lovechopped)
Nail colors for spring! 
Cheers!  Our start to many drinks.  
Kue rocking a military shirt & skinny black tie.
Hollister Vest $15, Forever 21 dress $20, Old Navy stockings $10
Forever 21 Mary Jane pumps, BR blazer $40, Matty M tank $18, F21 Accessories
H&M blouse, Urban Outfitter highwasted shorts
We loved King's sweater with his button up! 
Smiling never goes out of style :) 

Many drinks, excessive laughter sessions, and multiple near-beat downs later - we headed home after an agreed upon successful outting!


Yesterday, the girls of Tatter Tales attended the Nordstrom Work Party at MOA for free rides and concessions!  Winnie is a wimp and wouldn't ride on anything except for a kiddy bus ride which she hyperventilated and cried on, so pictures were few and far between.  Nonetheless, it was a great night of fashion and fun!

The candy bandit.
They were so cute!  But so hard to get! 
Forever 21 studded moto jacket, Old Navy boots $5, Garage jeans, H&M bow crossbody bag
Charlotte Russe boots, American Rag jeans $13, F21 Love ruffle blouse (borrowed from previous post),
 BCBG sweater $40, Charlotte Russe crossbody bag $10.  
Right before Spongebob crashed into us and we died.

We'd like to give a special shoutout to all of our friends who participated and contributed to this post, along with our wonderful weekend.  The girls of Tatter Tales had a fantastic weekend filled with loads of fun and laughter.  We hope you all had the same!