Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Beginner's Guide: Room Tour

Frame: Ikea / Under-the-bed Storage: Target
As most of you may know I recently upgraded to a bigger place.  With school + work + the 3rd season of X-Factor recently premiering, I anticipate it will be a long while before the entire place is fully put together.  I thought I'd show my readers what I've gotten done so far for my room.  I have much more to add so keep in mind this is just the beginning stages.  Hope you enjoy the room tour!  If you have any ideas/recommendations for me, feel free to send them my way!

Keroppi will likely be donated sometime in the near future but in memory of me winning my first State Fair game this year, I thought I'd use him as a mantle until I can find a mirror to replace him and/or until he causes nightmares.  This beautiful dresser I got on Craigslist for $25.  I repainted and refinished it myself - a proud domestic moment.  Makes up for the time I burnt ramen noodles, no?

Thrifted accents.

More thrifted finds.  Love this candle holder!

This corner is just a mess.  I plan on changing everything. 
If any of you remember my gold vintage mirror, it now hangs white!

Shoe solutions.

Yes I painted my antique wicker bench white!  I went on a white painting craze, as you can tell. 


  1. I like the white theme. I really like the white on the wicker bench.

    Love your bed frame, too! I think lights w/ white cord would look pretty around the frame.

    And don't worry, I've lived in my home for almost five years and I could do so much more interior decorating, it's my least favorite thing (or I lack talent in decorating). I think I got it from my parents, but my siblings are so good at it.

  2. Hey Amy,
    To answer your question, I use a Canon T2i w/ the kit lens and 50mm f/1.8 lens. It's great for a first dslr. :)
    - Jean