Sunday, May 27, 2012

Inspiration Rack

The last few weeks have seen me adding an immense amount of color to my wardrobe.  I'm a little obsessed with neon brights as of late.  Today, with the exclusive happening of the sun coming out of hiding, I decided to update my Inspiration Rack which was previously equipped with grey sweaters & skull scarves.   I've still been including ligther sweaters & knits in my recent buys for the sole purpose that they're light, versatile (being that you can layer them in the cooler months), and also extremely cheap this time of year!
Consider this a haul of all my recent buys / inspiration post.  You can see all the deals I scored on everything post photos below.  

Spot the debut of my mistress.  Michael isn't going to be very happy.....but the new beau is a beaut ;)

1 - 3. Target clothing rack $10, F21 Scarves
4.  3/4 Teal shirt Marshalls $12; Eddie Bauer sleeveless mind tee $3; F21 Mint Tank $4
5. F21 Peach knit sweater $13, Calvin Klein striped knit $8 (Nordstrom Rack)
6. F21 - Orange sweater $13, Pants $17, vneck $4
7. Highlighter collared shirt TJ Maxx $12, Sweater Gap $8, H&M highlighter pants $24, F21 yellow sleevleess $11
8. H&M Mix & Match neon swim suits $4.95 each
9. Marshalls Heart Tank $12; Avengers cut-ff tee F21 $13
10. H&M Necklace $12, TJ Maxx Purple necklace $14
11. Arm Party: F21 & H&M
12. Francescas satchel $20, H&M clutch $17
13. MBMJ Watch $70! (Obsessssed)
14. Neon strap sandals CR $24, Teal & Royal Blue sandals Target $15


  1. dude!! HOW do you find the cutest stuff for so cheap?!! AUGH!

  2. Pang - I am a master at bargain shopping. You already know this!!!

  3. @Esther - Aww thank you Esther!!! Hope you'll continue reading :)

  4. Cuteness! I picked up shoes like those in a plat form, heels and I don't mesh. Loving the colors and the accessories! Keep sharing!

    ♥♥thank you for writing♥♥