Monday, January 30, 2012

Real Housewives: Minneapolis Rendition

This entry is dedicated wholly and utterly to my housewife aka roomie Mina :)  What started out as a joke seemingly fit and has now stuck as a title and another role she fulfills in her life.  She does it all fellas! She cooks, cleans, schools, works, & even gets her daily GTL on (hence why I call her my housewife).  On top of that she's beautiful and SINGLE!  By no means am I trying to sell her by the way, but I WILL mention that Valentine's Day is coming up and applications are being accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis ;)

Furthermore, I decided one Saturday morning to play dress up with her and thus unfolded our mini photo-shoot.  Though we were limited to the confines of our apartment, we had a great time being as versatile with scenery as we could.  I incorporated different looks into her wardrobe to interpret the different roles she executes in real life.  I can't forget to mention that I had my fashion team, gurus Moni & Winnie helping out.  Seems to be a consistent occurence of complete and utter foolery and lunacy when we're together - in a humorous nature of course.  But having a group of amazing friends is the best fashion accessory you can have :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos!  I had a blast styling Miss Mina & can't wait to play dress up again!

Look #1 Casual Outfit

Mustard cardigan; Old Navy, Mens beanie; Polo, ACDC t-shirt; TJ Maxx, Jean shorts (MV), Patterned tights; Nordstrom, Wedges; UO

Look #2 Brunch Outfit

Nordstrom watch, Old Navy belt, Gap sweater & scarf, clutch (MA)

Look #3 School Girl

Pink sleeveless collared shirt; Trouve Nordstrom, Kimchi printed sweater; UO (MA), Gap jeans, F21 accessories.   

Look #4 Workaholic 

Blazer; Express, Skirt & Accessories; H&M, Black button  up; Gap. Coat; F21

Look #5 GNO

Long sleeved velvet dress; H&M, F21 accessories

Look #6 Date Night! 

Leopard dress & blazer; H&M, Accessories; Thrifted

Look #7 Housewife

Black turtleneck; H&M, Brown moto-vest; F21, red courdoroy pants; Gap, Black heels; F21, Express scarf (used as headband)



  2. I really liked the concepts... good job!

  3. @Dworku - Thank you!! This post was a lot of fun :)

    @Rosie - Thanks Rosie! :)

  4. Mina beans is one hot housewife, can I borrow her to come cook/clean for me? Lol jk

    xx Davee

  5. Davee - Yes, I share! You just have to bring her back b/c I don't know how to cook w/o her haha. Anyways, you're in the near future for my featured post. So put some thoughts together! :)

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