Monday, May 16, 2011


The Tattertales Team is in full vacation mode as of right now. So with that said we apologize for our brief hiatus. We're not only prepping but also recovering from our trips- which we'll be sure to post about! We've since ditched our winter wardrobe and have begun our mass hauling of spring and summer clothes. 
Seriously, we  never thought we'd see the sun and feel its warmth after the long Minnesota winter so we are more than delighted to welcome it any way that we can.

We also thought this would be an opportune time to introduce our first "shopumentary" post! What is it?
Well simply put, its us documenting our shopping trip. Not at all an uncommon activity we do and i'm sure some of you do in some form.

When the Tattertales go shopping its not always together, our schedules hardly ever allow for us to do so unless planned ahead of time, so we make do. Since we can't accompany each other on every shopping trip and yet we need a friends honest opinion to stop us from buying a paisley print tube top on sale for $3.99, we turn to an extension of our bodies, our cellphones. More importantly, a camera phone.
We find ourselves doing this quite often when we're out and about on our own, shopping and need a second opinion. We'll send picture messages of deals we spot or clothes we try on in desperation of an honest opinion or because we're seduced by the sale tag.

Here is the shopumentary of today's shopping trip. We hope you find this somewhat helpful and inspiring because we really enjoy sharing our shopping deals with you guys! Please note, we literally took these pictures while in the fitting room at the stores and with our cellphones, so excuse the picture quality and lighting.

TIP: When shopping for deals, never disregard the racks of clothes that aren't your size. Firstly, you never know if some treasure of a deal has been misplaced or hidden in there and secondly, you never know if there's things you can tweak or make fit. You will never find just one size in our closets, seriously we're small girls but we can work an XL just fine. 

Yes thats right folks, this is an XL top on Winnie who is normally an XS!

 $29.99 plus 30% off

 $29.99 plus 30% off

 $29.99 plus 30% off

 $19.99 plus 30% off


  1. love your udpates! :)

  2. I like the type of clothes that you guys come out with. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see what's coming up next. I do need help with an outfit though.... -- What would you wear as a cover up? Thanks :)