Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Life In Photos: The Past Month (Or 2)

I am not understating myself when I say the last two months have been a whirlwind of movement.  With vacations, birthdays, weddings, and events lined up back to back, I've been too busy to even sleep!  My lack of steadiness has probably aided in me becoming extremely ill this past week :( Here's a sneak peek of photos from my NYC trip and other various events I've been to in the  past month.  More elaborate posts will ensue after I wake up from my 7 day nap.  If you don't hear from me by this time next week, please send the paramedics.  I have probably overdosed on icecream and How I Met Your Mother episodes.  

(I compressed about 400 photos into 23 & in no particular order, because that would take too much time & effort) 

Pachee's 23rd!
I was in a colorful mood.

 The NYC gang

Got stopped so many times in reference to my scarf.  Everyone was so shocked when they found out I only got it for $1! #budgetballer :)

neons & neutrals! probably my favorite outfit I wore
My fav urban Outfitters wrap skirt I got for only $9 :) paired w/my fav necklace I got from TJ Maxx for $19

I have probably over 100 photos devoted just to food.  If only I could share all!

The BFF & I!

Who says nothing good happens after 2 AM?

Yes we did!

The boyfriend & I :) 

My sister from another! Haven't seen her since highschool!
Got so many compliments on my skirt I was wearing!  Def one of my fav spring purchases.
(Skirt: TJ Maxx $29, Blouse; F21 $11, Jacket; Marshalls $15)
Rainy days walking around in Brooklyn.  Not by choice either...

I wanted to dress like a ballerina one night so....I did.
(Striped sleeveless: TJ Maxx $7, Tulle Skirt: F21 $15)

The beautiful bride & I @ her wedding reception.
(Gown: F21 $32, necklace: Target $4)

The definition of street meat! 

Paparazzi caught us in Times Square

Cuban food = amazeballs

Peace sign sunglasses to hit the runway soon.

The lovely boyf & I at his grandmother's birthday dinner.
The week I was feeling colorful.
(Blue blouse thrifted, Green sweater: Old Navy $3)

The best thing you can bring to the airport ladies is.....MEN. To carry your bags :) 

It's a party, it's it's a party! 

Surprise party we threw :) 

Colorful ladies of the evening!
(Orange blouse: H&M $9, Snake printed pants: Material girl $9)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Baby Swagger

As if my baby niece wasn't cute enough, it comes to no surprise that she's adapted a keen fashion sense at such a young age.  Her mother is adamant that she picks it up from me, but I like to be humble about it ;P
And YES, she is an avid Tattertales reader!

Finally back from my NYC vacay.  Many pictures and posts to follow :)


All pieces c/o Target & yes she picked them out herself!